The discussion classrooms have started

The first of five discussion classrooms was held las Friday 25th of September. The topic was the custody for the conservation of riverbanks that can be undertaken from the private sector.

The aim of these dicussion classrooms is to achieve the maximum transference of the project results to a specialized audience.

With the help of ARC Mediació, we invited different entities related to river custody in order to generate a debate, through telematic ways, around the challenges of river custody, legal, conservation and private property relations, as well as the technical criteria that are applied at the time of making a restoration on private land, difficulties in reaching agreements with private entities, management made in the pastures in river sections, subsidiary responsibility that the property often attributes to the custody agreements when there are downpours and floods with impact to the riverbanks section under custody, etc.

The objectives of the classroom are basically, the intention to specify the elements needed to reinforce the sustainability in the custody agreements, with the aim of preserving the riverbanks, integrating the management of the swelling episodes, and formulating a proposal of decalogue that includes the main recommendations when managing the agreements.

Among the various topics discussed, two of them generated a big debate and at the same time a consensus. One of them is the demarcation of the Domini Públic Hidràulic (DPH). In relation to the climatic change, it is important to keep an eye on some of the bad effects lived during the last years. For example he Gloria storm and the climate emergency situations have been the excuse to do some urgent actions in the river spaces that have become authentic absurdities, according to the custody entities comments. The climate emergency cannot give impunity to do anything without fulfilling some minimums of quality and transparency.


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