The itinerant exhibition of Life Alnus starts

The itinerant exhibition “Els boscos del riu, els grans desconeguts” has been installed. It is composed by 8 interactive panels which gather the goals of the european project Life Alnus.

From today 29/11/119 to 07/01/20 they will be exposed in the Sciences and Technology department of the University of Vic.

The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness on the river or riverbank forests, which, despite being one of the forests with the greatest biodiversity, are unknown to most of the population.

These forests provide many advantages in terms of river regulation, flood mitigation and its effects and water quality and also are the habitat of a great biodiversity with a high landscape value. However, their situation in flat and accessible areas has often caused different agricultural, urban or industrial uses to gain ground, making them disappear or degrading them.

In existing forests, river courses are regulated with a series of dams, locks, breakwaters or motes causing the small seasonal floods of the river that temporarily flooded these forests have almost disappeared. These floods provide nutrients and raise the water table, so if  floods disappear, the necessary ecological conditions for good health are increasingly difficult to find.

The exhibition details the main problems forests present, and what actions can be taken by the citizens to improve their situation, comparing the distribution of the current habitat and what it could reach. Finally, the areas and pilot actions that have been executed to improve the ecological conditions that allow the riverbank forest to recover their habitat are  also detailed.

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