The first stage of environmental education and awareness actions has begun

During the last termof the 18-19 course, it has begun the environmental education and awareness pilot test of LIFE ALNUS project with 4 groups of 1st ESO from the Institut del Ter, in Manlleu. The aim is to make the river bank forest known, and discover the functions of it.

A journey in the river was made, where the students did an educational activity which consisted of doing a simplified calculation about the two biological index: the QBR – river bank forest quality – and the IHF – river habitat index. It was also made a river walk in order to identify the features of the river bank vegetation, and find out the elements of the river biodiversity. Finally, 2 experiment were made to understand the river bank forest effects on the water quality, and also to know how the bank protect from the river erosion. All the students had a small worksheet that was used to gather all the observations and the work done during the activity.



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