Regulation of public use in riverside areas

In order to complement locally the actions of the LIFE ALNUS project, one of the actions considered is the regulation of the recreational uses around the riverside areas, improving the governance of the habitat in a long term, with the aim of regulating the pressures towards the riverside spaces.

In the case of the Ter, which is a river located in Osona that flows through a very humanized region. In broad strokes, the landscape is dominated by agricultural and industrial activities, and also by some densely populated urban areas. The riverbanks have always been very used by the inhabitants, for uses such as the utilization of wood from riverside tree plantations, fishing and horticulture. Some sections have had less human influence and are considered reference areas, which must be preserved and also be an example to replicate in the rest of the territory. Thus, the Ter river has been a widely used space by the neighbourhood as a place for social activities. Therefore, in these places coexist different recreational uses: the walk that follows the Vora Ter GR-210 path, on foot or riding a bike, and the fishing of cyprinids, among others. The improvement of the access to the river, as well as the increase of the activities carried out, and the great variety of users, makes it necessary to carry out an arrangement of uses both to make them compatible with each other and also to ensure the protection and improvement of the natural river systems.

For all this, a proposal agreed with Associació de Pescadors Esportius d’Osona was drawn up, for a new arrangement of cyprinids fishing points in the Ter river, in Osona.

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