Pilot section of the Congost river (Conca del Besòs in Granollers)

An initial work phase has begun to promote the recovery of alder groves in Granollers. The work carried out during this phase includes:

  • Demolishing the five concrete blocks on the lower river bed that were an obstacle for aquatic fauna movement, especially fish.
  • Pulling back the riprap that protects the canal wall foundations to double the width of the river bed. This significantly increases the freedom of the low water canal and, after downpours, the river will be able to take on a much richer and more diverse river morphology including meanders, pools, rapids, etc. This promotes biodiversity and the recovery of alder groves.
  • Removing more than 400 m2 of canes and other invasive plant species that jeopardise the habitat’s recovery.
  • Planting alders and ten other species that are native to the habitat, with 190 units or plants in total. This area is particularly favourable for alder groves because the groundwater is rich thanks to the presence of old mines.
  • Removing several cubic metres of waste and other unnatural elements.
  • Planting indigenous grass plant seeds.

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