New Life Alnus educational material

The Life Alnus new educational material is now available. This material has been developed by Centre d’Estudis dels Rius Mediterranis-UVic-UCC in the context of LIFE ALNUS project. It permits to discover the forest of the river through creative and practical activities, grouped in a youth magazine format.

This new material has a visual design, specially created for students in the upper cycle of primary and 1st cycle of ESO. The users can discover the river forest with the class group and can also independently. The format has been adapted to the new situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, in which there are activities that cannot be carried out in a face-to-face way, and therefore, this material can be followed without guidance.

It contains sections with information about what the project is and what it does to protect and improve the riverside forests and, very especially, the alders of the rivers in Catalonia. It shows in a graphical way the state of regression suffered by alders in Mediterranean basins and, above all, explains the environmental functions of these forests, for example, the functions related with the improvement of water quality and the protection they offer against river erosion. The dossier has other activities which can be more practical, such as the identification of the main species of riverbank vegetation, and writing and reflection activities. All this, with the aim that those who read it can understand the great importance that the river’s forests have, and invite the boys and girls to take care and protect them.

Apart from this educational dossier, an informative poster has been prepared for a family audience. It includes the drawing of an alder grove where the main species of the characterize it can be identified. In addition, in the back part thereare different children activities.

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