Monitoring the environmental status and biodiversity

The environmental monitoring of LIFE ALNUS has begun, and flora, vegetation, land and river habitat samples are being taken from different areas of the Congost river in Granollers, the Ter river in Ripollès and the Ter river in Osona. The monitoring objectives are, on the one hand, to compare the effects of the conservation and restoration actions on bioindicator organisms and the structure and functionality of the habitat. On the other hand, monitoring also helps us to improve our knowledge of habitat dynamics and the distribution of bioindicators in different states of conservation of alluvial forests and in different human scenarios: forest, agricultural and urban.

It is important to note that Mediterranean barbel, Catalan chub and eel have been found in the Congost river, which denotes the enviable state of health of its fish community, free from large barriers that hinder their movement.

Bird censuses demonstrate a high ornithological diversity in alluvial plains and islands, which keep a river bank forest in good environmental condition.

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