Forestry works to improve the riparian forest in the Vallforners Riera in Cànoves and Samalús

26th of November 2021

Within the scope of the implementation activities of the C2 Forestry works for the improvement of the habitat action in the Besòs basin, several actions coordinated by the Granollers City Council and the Besòs-Tordera Consortium have been promoted to act on a very specific section of the Vallforners stretch in Cànoves.

The forestry treatments have been made for the eradication of invasive non-native species, such as black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia). The large trees ringing, mainly plane trees (Platanus x hispanica) and the removal of various feet of black locus and plane trees through cuts and high pruning techniques have been done to prioritize the existing riparian species such as the alder (Alnus glutinosa). The works have been carried out by the company Virens de Cardedeu and the rests from these works have been used by the property owners which, willingly, have given permission to carry out these actions within their properties.

A small fraction of the thickest branch of these works will be used to build wildlife refuges, specifically for otters, at various points along the Congost River.