Alder grove restoration action plan

Statistical models that will allow decision-making for conservation actions to be optimised are being finalised. These models are based on an innovative multifactorial modelling methodology (systematic planning), led by Dr Virgilio Hermoso’s team (CTFC). These models select the most optimal responses to previously posed questions, such as where is the eradication of invasive species, habitat defragmentation or the implementation of new alder groves more effective, for example. They are based on all the cartography and continuous data made and collected in action A1 by MN Consultors, with support from the project’s other partners.

The systematic planning models are a preliminary step to write the alder grove conservation and restoration plans for the project’s three basins: Segre, Ter and Besòs.

The image shows the distribution map of the alder groves in Catalonia made by Life Alnus; unpublished information has been the basis of the models.

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