We have made a sampling in Bellver de Cerdanya and in Congost river

From 7th to 9th of September we have been sampling habitats, macroinvertebrates and fishes in the islands of the Segre and in the exit channel of the Gallissà pools, spaces which are part of the project.

The islands of the Segre are some of the most diverse and extensive in the country, with a very remarkable biodiversity. They are mainly formed by alders and willows, which make optimal refuges for the typical fauna and flora of the riverside forest.

In the end of the month, from September 28th to the 2nd of October, we have sampled habitats, macroinvertebrates and fish in another area that is part of the LIFE ALNUS: the Congost river, specifically between La Garriga and Granollers. There is a great abundance of fish, and there’s a predominance of native species such as mountain barbel, vardar and eel.

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